About Me

sierra & pups

I’m a business administration major with an emphasis in marketing and communications. I’m originally from Delaware and now living in the sunshine state! Some of my true passions are traveling, exploring new cultures, trying new foods and hanging with my pups. 

Bruno is my young, bully/mastiff companion. Cora is my large, XL bully pup. Bruno, Cora and I love walks, meeting new friends and treats! When I was a new dog mom, I really invested my time into educating myself about the proper care of dogs. That included training, socialization, nutrition and supplies. I then decided to turn my skills and knowledge of social media into a business to help the industry that helped me the most.

I specialize in supporting businesses and dog-preneurs with their administrative, marketing, operations, and sales support requirements. Bruno specializes in being cute, chewing through any toy and guarding the house from squirrels. Cora specializes in keeping everyone calm while still remaining the life of the party. Bruno was brought into my life by a friend who needed to re-home his playful energy. Cora was found through a local Florida rescue and was having struggles to find a home due to her size. As big dogs, they are often misunderstood by others. 

The reason I want to work within the pet industry is because I am thankful for all the dog-preneurs who have allowed me to create a bond with my pups and hopefully the millions of dogs I plan to have; don’t let my boyfriend see this. I am thankful for the entire dog industry. I always say dog people are my people! Now, it’s time to utilize my skills to help their businesses grow.

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